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Are you wondering what the weather is like on Neptune?
Air pollution is a product of everyday activities like driving or using electricity, which cause the release of carbon dioxide and other gases into Earth's atmosphere. This increases the "greenhouse effect"—when heat radiating from Earth's surface is trapped and causes the planet to warm up. If this warming continues, we could eventually see further melting of the polar ice caps and a rise of coastal water levels!
Inez Fung, The Climate Modeler
Uses superfast computers to predict climate change
  The Inez Scrapbook
Find out how this little girl from Hong Kong came to be one of the world's leading climate scientists.
The Mystery of the Missing Carbon Comic
See how Inez solved a mystery that's helping us understand global warming.
Life in a Bottle Science Lab
Make your own greenhouse and watch the climate change.
Inez says, Climate change is an interesting, giant puzzle.

"I have tremendous love and respect for the planet—how the whole system comes together."

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